It involves a three-step process:
  Organize your belongings, deciding what you want to move and what will go.
  Once organized, you must pack up your personal property for transport.
  Pack it up! Boxes, tape, and labels will get everything in order for your move. Once you have the necessary supplies, start packing!
Prior to any move, a Pre-move Survey allows us to prepare the technical aspects of your move.
The moving operation is the combination of different skills totally mastered by our team. We are therefore in the best position to offer you expert advice at every step of the moving process.  
Moving to a new place, a new job, or a new home can be the fulfillment of a dream, but once the reality sets in of where, when, and how it will all happen, you may want to crawl back under the covers. However, with proper planning and preparation, moving can be an enjoyable experience, merging your dreams with a reality that's not so painful.  
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